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Fresh Start

I started wondering where my food comes from yesterday. Ok, so I have thought about it before, but never made it the top priority on my shopping list. Price, calorie count, and my taste buds always came first. Then I saw Food Inc. Yes, a movie on PBS convinced me when culinary school, seven years cooking professionally and my mom could not. Sad, I know. But, that’s not important right? Now I think my head might win in the daily fight with my stomach. Not an easy battle, especially when my job surrounds me with sugary pastries, muffins, cookies, cakes, cobblers and candies, chemical-laden meats, veggies and fruits, and crispy, deep-fried potatoes with chipotle aioli, red pepper aioli and . . .  ok, I need to stop before I raid the freezer! Even words make me hungry now. At least I made it through one day, right? Let’s see how long I can keep this up. The mental pictures of dead chickens piled in a backhoe and cow carcasses receiving the Scarface treatment very effectively cure my lust for all things non-organic and corn-fed. For now. I just need to focus on those images, without feeling deprived. I love healthy food, but I also love unhealthy food! I love the crunch of a freshly tossed salad, complete with sharp cheese, homemade vinaigrette, fresh fruit, and salty-sweet nuts. The caviar-like explosion of perfectly ripe grapes. The tender bite of garlic roasted zucchini and grape tomatoes, with just enough olive oil, salt and pepper. A fresh, warm tomato picked straight from the bush. Oh, the memories that brings back! So much local bounty in Oregon! Why should I support giant corporations when I can receive weekly deliveries of local, organic produce? Yes, I will screw up. Especially in the freezer aisle, when all the creamy, sugary treats start calling my name. Or at dinner with friends, when the healthiest item on the menu includes prepackaged salad mix and factory made croutons. I need to try though. I am tired of my lethargic, bloated lifestyle. Time for a change. Starting with a complete purge of my kitchen, of all things unnatural or outdated. Time to start fresh, without temptations. Outside of work, anyway!

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