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I finally found time to for a trip to my local farmer’s market! Not even the lively Oregon rain could keep me away this time! I can’t wait for all the summer harvests of corn, berries, tomatoes and stone fruit! But in the meantime, I found huge displays of tasty root vegetables and leafy greens. I didn’t buy much this time (I need to clean out my refrigerator first!) but I couldn’t ignore the rainbow of carrots, baby turnips and beets. I love waking up early and having a fresh carrot to crunch on! No comparison to the grocery store variety. So much sweeter and crispier.

I also picked up a quesadilla from the Canby Asparagus Farm booth for my boyfriend. Filled with cauliflower, a rainbow of bell peppers, onions, zucchini, grilled chicken, and of course, asparagus, this local treat always satisfies. The way they throw the cheese directly on the grill until it melts and gets a little crispy, plus their chipotle-spiked salsa, really makes this quesadilla special. It gets a little messy if you try to eat it with a plastic fork while you walk, but who cares? Can you really wait until you arrive home?

I started my morning with a bowl of homemade granola and organic milk, so I skipped the market lunch, but did pick up a marionberry lemonade. They squeeze the juice right in front of you, and offer endless combinations of fruit to add to your tart-sweet drink. Very refreshing, even in the rain!

Find a farmer’s market near you and support your local economy!

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